jonMy name is Brian Cameron, owner of Camelot Home Inspections. I am married and have four children and 5 grandchildren and live in Lindale, Texas. Camelot Home Inspections services Dallas, Ft. Worth, Tyler, Longview and surrounding areas Camelot Home Inspections was just a thought in 2003 and still going strong today. During the slow economy Camelot Home Inspections was still inspecting homes. The reason why is because our clients buying a home during this time trust Camelot Home Inspections to give them a knowledgeable report to make an informative decision. I have not and will not exchange Camelot Home Inspections integrity or character by bowing down to Realtors by giving my clients; what I call a patty cake inspection, just to please the Realtor so they can make that sell in hopes they will refer Camelot Home Inspections again. You know if a Realtor refers Camelot Home Inspections that Realtor has your best interest in mind because they know we give our best effort to make deficiencies visible; not seen by other inspectors, so that my clients can have a real informative home inspection. Camelot Home Inspections is not a franchise; the inspectors with Camelot Home Inspections have been trained by me to do inspections the way they should be done with our client’s best interest in mind. I’m a hands on owner and out inspecting homes day in and day out. Hope you choose Camelot Home Inspections but whether you choose us or not; may God Bless you with your home buying experience.

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